How Does It Work?

Imagine – stuffing all of your balloons into just one pocket! Believe it – because with the “Easy Load” product line, that’s what you do.

The “Easy Load Balloon Strips” make loading a “snap”. (Excuse the pun.) The first thing to do is unzip the main balloon pocket (only on the Deluxe Bags – Tuck ‘n Go is “tuck and go”). Then you get a group of balloons, open one of the loops, set in the balloons, and press the loop closed.

Make sure the loop is pulled tight to securely hold your balloons!! Part of the loop may stick out depending on the bunch of balloons being loaded…

When everything is loaded, fold up the lower set of pockets, and zip it up (or tuck). Attach the elastic to the button in the front, and all of your balloons are snug and secure.

With the three different strips of loops (Deluxe has three, others have one or two), it’s easy to reload the colors you need. All three layers are attached by heavy duty snaps, and can be lifted up to reveal the lower layers.

While you’re twisting, and supplies start running low, just press the loop in a little more to hold the smaller quantities snugly in place. It’s that simple. So simple, you will wonder how you lived without one this long!

How Easy Is It To Use?

Very easy, definitely easier than the standard pocket aprons. And here’s why! Because each loop can hold a different amount of balloon colors or sizes, finding and pulling out the desired balloon is simple. The loops organize your different styles and colors into individual areas, allowing for easy access to all your supplies. And, the loop fasteners do not hinder the access of the balloon, making this the best apron for the job…

While twisting, simply grab the top of the balloon and pull it out of the loop. Over time of using the same color of balloons during a twisting session, the loops are easily adjusted for the smaller amount by pressing the loop in a little more.

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